If you  are a radio station, internet radio station, programmer, have an independent
program or are a DJ then we are asking you to send in your playlist to us.  You can send it in
daily, weekly or monthly.

Our only requirement is that you send in a list of songs that you are playing or
that you have just put into ratation.  Here are some examples:

If That ain't love     Fox Brothers               Heavy

Fox Brothers         If That Ain't Love         Hope Street

Or however you want to do list your songs.  The most important thing is that we
receive your playlist.

By sending in your playlist to us, you are letting all those artists know that what they are
doing is important and making a difference.  It also lets them know that the money they
spend to get the message out through song is worthwhile. Sometimes this kind of medicine
is just the
kind of  encouragement they need to keep on keeping on.

We thank you in advance for your help in creating this DJ playlist board.
If you would like to send your playlists to us but you don't want it published on our "POSTED PLAYLIST BOARD"
then let us know that you are willing to send your playlist but  


DJ Playlist Board

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