Posted Playlists

 This page is dedicated to Artists who would like to see the different playlists that have come in over the past month. It will always start with the 1st of the month and go to the end of the month.

Then we will erase that playlist and start all over again with the new ones. In some cases the past month may over lap with the first of another month but only because of time issues. We hope you will enjoy f seeing the different playlists that come in.

BUT - we do want you to know that we will never tell a radio station, programmer, indie show or DJ what to play, how to play, or when to play any of the music on their radio station. We also want you to know that we have tried to make this a totally fair and unbalanced chart. You can't buy your way on to the chart, stuff the DJ PLaylist Board with false information, that page is ONLY FOR RADIO STATIONS both (free standing & internet stations), RADIO PROGRAMMERS, INDEPENDENT RADIO SHOWS & DJ'S.

And one more point we would like you to know is that if a radio station doesn't want their playlist posted then we will withhold that playlist but it will be still used in the tabulated
of the monthly chart.

If you would like to view the monthly "Christian Country Gospel Top 100 Chart, all you will have to do is to click on the tab at the top of the page that says "TOP 100 CHART"

                           " PLAYLISIT FOR MARCH 2014"